About Us

It started with our sandwich shop too small to make the minimum delivery from a local baker, to the quest to produce high quality locally sourced ingredients for our own artisan bread. Having honed skills in the labyrinth of the Georgian terrace, with the challenges that brings, we managed to produced bread that has taken awards at the Tiptree World Bread awards and many other awards using the bread for sandwiches. More recently Baker of the Year 2016 at the BIA Industry awards.

After the death of Rod, husband and dad we, Annette, Dominic and Anneliese have put Rods plans into reality and created SALT Bakehouse Ltd. We bake out of a unit in Stonehouse supplying pubs , restaurants and cafes.

Mum Annette oversees the operation of the business with Anneliese's firm grip on the finance and Dominic all things baked including sales and new products.

We have recruited a small but well formed team who share our vision for local high quality products, Geoff Perrett as our logistic leg, and comes with a wealth of enthusiasm. At present Steve Wilson Fford  is heading up our White van delivery & organisation aided by Mr Colin Waller who can now been seen on the White van Friday & Saturday.

On baking the charismatic Paul Richardson and Mr Nick Brown both formally chefs but brilliant bakers &, making beautiful pastries is George Mellish.

In the Kiosk & on the market we have our Bread Ambassador Peter Holtmeyer-Cole aided by a team of rather well informed helpers.

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