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Our Range

We are all about the flavour the colour the texture and the smell... oh and the feel. Not to forget the ingredients!

Here are some of our staple sours salt water flour & sourdough

Stroud Francisco white
2 star great taste award 2015

Imperial wild spelt rye white & wholemeal
winner BIA 2014

White sour white
Malthouse malt & wholemeal

Mediterranean white olives herbs sun-dried tomatoes

Seeded Malt white & wholemeal, seeds

Jalapeño & cheddar white, jalapeños cheddar

Seasonal & foraging availability dependant

Bigcat white walnuts dates dark ale
Speciality winner BIA 2014

Nettle & onion white nettles & red onion
Bronze winner BIA 2014

Roast potato & rosemary white rosemary & roast potatoes

Wild garlic

...and there's more salt flour water & yeast

Focaccia white, rosemary & red onion oil

White tin white made with a pre-ferment

Brown tin white & wholemeal made with a pre-ferment

Stroud stick white

Ciabatta white

...and there's even more sugar flour water & butter


Pain au chocolate

Pain au raisin

Danish pastries


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